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Company Overview

At Locksmith Tempe, we make our clients’ lives easier. We achieve this by listening to their needs, keeping their interest as top priorities, and always working hard to make the interaction with our business a remarkable experience. Keep reading to learn about the leading head of our team, our company history, and our plans.

A brief History

Jeffrey Waldon was looking for a way to avoid bankruptcy after losing his job in a locksmith agency. With his experience, he realized that he had the qualifications to start his own business. The opportunity came right after the city’s centennial in 1971 as one of the main avenues was the subject of a revitalizing plan. Jeff lived a few blocks away from the Mill Avenue and worked hard to get a spot among the dozens of shops and other business that were established there. His call was perhaps the best in his entire life because now Temple stands as the eighth largest city in the State. The strong and modern economy was a huge boost for the business development throughout the years, and today Locksmith Tempe is a highly referenced service provider with lots of favorable reviews.

Our Values

Integrity. Our technicians act with integrity and always show respect. Accountability. We always take responsibility for our actions, no matter what. Passion. We love what we do! Locksmithing is a challenging trade that allows us to develop our skills and be useful to others. Humility. We never forget our roots and our people. We strive to keep our service spirit by always trying to understand our client’s desires.
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